dvdxmlid downloader

DvdXmlId Downloader

This program was inspired by my mess of movies that I had ripped onto my hard disk. After I ripped them, I started looking at integrating them into Windows Media Center. When I referenced my movie folder, it looked like some crazy heat map with my movie file names listed.

As a developer, I started writing some scraping tools to pull information into my movie folders. I also started looking into solutions to solve this. There are some nice add-ins to Windows Media Center. I really wanted to solve the problem properly. Then I ran across DVDXML.Com. This was the right way to solve the problem in my mind. The membership fee was certainly worth the headache of scraping all the data.

The result is DvdXmlId Downloader. This program is FREE to use to help sort through all of your movies. I can easily use DVDXML.com without this program, but if you are doing a bunch of work, it certainly makes it easier.

Features of DvdXmlId Downloader:

  • Moves movie files into subfolders (I have to do this so Windows Media Center can use box images)
  • Renames your movie file to the "found" movie name
  • Downloads box images into appropriate folders
  • Downloads the dvdid.xml file
  • Save an XML file with all of the metadata
  • No Ads, Toolbars, Spyware included with my install

Screen shot of DvdXmlId Downloader

Screenshot of DvdXmlId Downloader in action

Screen shot of File System

Screenshot of resulting file system

Screen shot of Media Center Movies

Screenshot of resulting file system

Screen shot of Media Center Movie Details

Screenshot of resulting file system

This program currently only works against WMV and/or MP4 files.

Comments/Issues should be sent to timw@falconct.com.