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Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

Ringtones are supported on Windows Phone 7. It is a little tricky to create one. The key to creating custom ringtones is that they must adhere to the following criteria.
  • 39 seconds or shorter
  • smaller than 1 megabyte (MB)
  • saved in MP3 or WMA format
  • not copy-protected (i.e. DRM free)

There are some great tutorials on creating these but I took a shortcut by building an utility to trim your mp3 or wma files. I am using a free version of Microsoft Expression Encoder that you have to install first.

  • The link to the Microsoft Expression Encoder (free) install is click here.
  • The link to the utility that easily creates ringtones from mp3 or wma files is here

The utility will take whatever starting point you put on the audio file and cut 39 seconds on the ringtone and set the Genre tag to RINGTONE for Zune/WP7 to see it as a ringtone.

Below is a video of using the tool.

report any bugs to tim.wheeler@live.com

Or Use the Web tool (no downloading programs).

Use the web version